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Sogepa is an investment management and financial advisory firm, operating within the Finance division of The Sogepa Group.  Sogepa serves the needs of investors, international groups and governments worldwide. Through our prestigious global network we bring together highly experienced and talented people and an entrepreneurial investment philosophy. Our strategy provides a unique vantage point in the world of investing without the traditional risk/reward trade-off. 

We focus on identifying the right opportunities, adding value through hands-on guidance from our experts and generating synergies between a network of companies, investors and industries.

Investment Management

Sogepa has a wealth of experience in the world of private equity, venture capital and real estate investment. With a very strong track record, which includes deals such as Lazarus GP2 Team,Sogepa benefits from the in-depth knowledge required to run a successful alternative asset management firm. 

Sogepa’s investment management services are separated along lines which are unique to the firm. Sogepa does not follow traditional industrial segmentation but prefers to offer its services in those markets where they are most relevant and where its expertise and network of partners will be of most value. 

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